Paint it black

After months of delay, tomorrow’s the big day we finalize floor & wall treatments, stone, wood, paint- all sorts of things I’ve been assured come second only to human beings in the making of a home.

First up: “Pure Whites devoid of both color and association.” I’ll pass; this eastern confidence in void is off-putting for me. Next come Neutrals: beautiful colors with unfortunate names: Dead Salmon, Breath of Horse, Burning Bone. Well… perhaps Burning Bone.

Naturally we consider the Reds & Pinks as an antidote to my sluggish personality, but their names allude to mythical beauties: Pippa’s Blush, Nancy’s Dimples, Scarlett’s Lips. This circles us back to the safeties: Blues, Greens, Yellows. The brain votes bright yellow. A small dark room must be made cheerful, after all. But Old Lady of the Soul shouts wild green, chintz, tea cups, velvet housecoats, shabby townhouse, green, leaf green, more green. Thankfully decorators are used to indecisive clients.

Stone- now that is another matter altogether. Depending on how high the homeowner is willing to pay, they might end up chopping mint on a piece of Pleistocene geology.

(Repost of a post I wrote on my Instagram.)

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